punch cutter

A pure CREDO design for this new exclusive pipe tool.


pipe tool pouch

The Credo Pipe Tool has everything you need in one slim and compact package.
To use as a tamper, swing the base piece 90 degrees.
The pick swings out from the body.
The scraper is part of the body of the tool.

3 colors: silver, black, titanium.

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  CredoLine: For the Pipe Smoker    
Pipes CredoLine


The CredoLine pipes utilize Saint-Claude’s experience and tradition to make a more modern pipe.

  Rondo Pipe

The pipe smoker is also entitled to a trustfull humidity regulator. The Pipe Rondo guarantees the self-regulation in 75 % of RH of the pipe tobacco. It will be used in any jar containing up to 300 g. of pipe tobacco.