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There is so much expertise at play in the perfection of a cigar.
Savouring his cigar is for the connoisseur a
very special moment. The anticipation of the pleasure to come: a pleasure which the ritual of tasting heightens for every one of his senses. On every occasion as he performs this ritual, it is a process of discovery.

The beauty of the object, its strength, its mystique and its richness of flavour have given it an allmost mythical status. Understanding its history can only add to the pleasure of the cigar-lover, and in analysing the flavours which make up the smoke which brings him such a deep sense of peace and desire for contemplation.
Centuries of tradition and research have formed the cigar in this way so that the tobacco will burn, gently and evenly with a light bluish smoke and a captivating aroma.
There is in this knowledge acquired and handed down, a search for perfection. The same path followed by the wine grower, the perfumer, and every craftsman who aims at the mastery of their craft.
This page is dedicated to the scrutinisers of the cigar passion. Our goal on this page is to built day after day the most complete encyclopedia of cigars.
Just give us time.



Date Articles title Summary
March 3rd 2006
Even a sketchy understanding of the mechanisms of olfaction can help us imagine what we can expect when tasting a cigar.
March 6th 2003
Cigar-tasting therefore means smoking the cigar and smoking takes time; depending on the type of cigar the entire session may last fifteen minutes or more than an hour, and at each stage of the tasting session the characteristics of that stage must be noted.
November 14th 2002
Launched in 1997, the CREDO LIGAS brand is a Honduran vintage in a traditional box decorated with a vista made by the Andalusian artist Miguel Belchi. Hand-made in Danli, in the Honduras, this cigar is made from Habano tobacco, grown in the Jamastran Valley.
November 13th 2002
With its original shape enhanced by deep blue transparent wood stain and its elegant lettering in silver and gold leaf, the CREDO cigar box has a certain charisma. It indicates the quality of the product as well as protecting it.
June 26th 2002
We will here compare wine- and cigar-tasting to highlight the origin and consequences of the fundamental differences between the two fields.

December 13th 2001

The coarse and acrid tobacco plant has over the centuries undergone the long and slow process of selection. Out of the countless and varied attempts at cultivation certain regions have emerged with their soils, humidity, and with the warmth and strengh of the sun. Gradualy the patterns of an annual round of sowing, cultivation and harvesting has been established. So it is with careful nuture a seed weighing only a few miligrammes becomes in four months a plant taller than a man.
April 2nd 2001
The purpose of this vocabulary is twofold: On the one hand it enables smokers to discuss cigars in precise terms; on the other it acts as an indispensable aid to memory.
October 1st 2000
The hygroscopy is a very complicated subject and the instruments which measure it must be evaluated by keeping this complexity in memory . It exists 5 big families of hygrometers.
September 7th 1999
The Relative Humidity (RH) may be defined as the amount of moisture in the atmosphere as compared with that of complete saturation at the given temperature.


April 9th2001
The work-table: "the Galera" Anyone who has known the hot and humid workshops...
April 9th2001
Rolling the filler with the binder The half-leaves are placed parallel to one another and packed to form a sausage shape that is even in density all along its length or filler.
April 9th2001
Rolling the wrapper of a cigar The last operation is wrapping. Cut with the "chaveta", a very fine and pliant tobacco leaf, almost rectangular is wrapped with great care around the wad.

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