Scientific name: Lasioderma Serricorne.

Of oval shape, this small insect is a beetle. It is hardly 3 mm and is endowed with a body tinged with brown and red. Its elytrons present a smooth texture and its antennas are pinked.

The temperature is the determining factor for the development of the tobacco beetles. In temperatures lower than 15 ° C (especially in winter) larvas slow down clearly their activity and then resume their normal development when the temperatures become again more clement.

The life expectancy of the adult beetles does not exceed 6 weeks and depends essentially on the temperature of the environment in which they evolve.

SERRICO Lasioderm Trap

Originaly developed in Japan, the Serrico trap is the definitive monitoring trap for tobacco beetles with a powerful sex pheromone and a food attractant.
This combination produces a synergic effect to both male and female lasioderm.
Serrico can help you reduce time and money by pinpointing the presence of tobacco beetles in advance and suggesting the fastest care.
Environmentally safe: harmless insecticide-free used for early warning of occurrences of the cigarette beetles.
Furthermore, the number of adults captured by the traps reveals their distribution and seasonal prevalences in a humidor.The lure contains no harmful materials and insecticides and is thus safe for both humans and animals.

How to make the trap:

- Fold the trap sheet neatly along the doted line
- Peel off white sticker
- take out one device each from the golden and silvery cellonium foil container by cutting and place them on near the center of the adhesive base about 5 cm (2 " ) apart. Be carefull not to tear the transparent permeable membrane covering the disk.
- insert slap C into slit C'.

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