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What about a humidifier specialy designed for tasting cigars ?



Cigar Tasting Humidifier

-    SUP'AIR is a humidifier for tasting. It allows a more important water content, for the smoker who likes his cigars smooth and damp (minimum 80 %) .
-    It is used in a second cigar box dedicated to consumption.
-    The gel humidifier SUP'AIR is as simple as economic.
-    It is refillable with distilled water.
-   It is translucent and makes possible to check the level of filling.

- SUP'AIR 40  jusqu'à 40 cigares

- SUP'AIR 100 pour 40 à 100 cigares.


- It is necessary to refill when the volume of gel decreases by half.
- Refill: one places the apparatus in a saucer in which one adds 10 millimetres of distilled or demineralized water.
- Then one lets gel absorb water.
The process may last between 15 and 30 minutes.

- SUP' AIR, like all other humidifiers of this category (acryl-polymer) is not a Humidity Regulator. It allows under no circumstances the regulation at 70 % RH. It is similar for all other gel humidifiers, whatever brand name is affixed. Do not leave your humidor closed more than 10 days with a gel humidifiers. The over-humidification would entail the appearance of mold
Nota: For the long term conservation of your cigars, a Humidity Regulator is indispensable