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In terms of humidification for cigar humidors, and specialy in the highest range, CREDO recommends since many years the regulation of humidity to recreate the humid climate of the cigar's production area. The CREDO Précision 70 humidifier creates in your humidor a constant Relative Humidity of70 %.
The secret of its originality lies in a physico-chemical solution. The principle is based on the creation of mélange of water and tensio-active substances which limits the potential of the evaporation of the water itself. The humidity of the air is a function of the composition of this mélange. Therefore, the manufacturer can control the Relative Humidity of the ambiant atmosphere inside any humidor.







With its humidification capacity of about 15 cigars, this device suits for the moistening of the travel humidirs, cigar cases and why not Ziplock bags. Thanks to his inovative conception, he can remain in the direct contact of cigars and offers the best possible humidification. This device is to be arranged at the place of a cigar.





Relative Humidity guaranteed:
Capacity of humidification :

Stabilisation time after closing of the humidor :
Refill :

Maintenance :

Case :
Color :
Size :
Contenance :
Humidifier for humidor (humidity

Approximately 70% Relative Humidity.
"Le Tube".
A humidor containing 5 to 15
average size cigars. For humidors
of more than 40 cigars, several
"Le Tube" may be used.

15 to 20 minutes.
Approximately every 10 days,
exclusively with distilled water.
Refill approximately every six
months with the Special Care
Solution .
100% aluminium.
White lacker printed.
ø 18 x 150 mm;
2,9 cl.(1 Fl.Oz).


1/ We advise against the use of any other special fluid for humidifiers such as the Propylene Glycol. This would damage the physical principles of the CREDO regulator. And cancel the manufacturers garanty.
2/ Do not leave your CREDO regulator dry out (see the chapter: “How to use the ONYX humidity regulator”). If you don’t use your cigar humidor for a period of time, wrap properly your regulator in a plastic bag. By leaving the Credos for weeks or months in the outside dry air, all the distilled water will evaporate and the foam will «cook», obstructing all the pores.
The CREDO regulator, like the cigars, needs to be kept in moisture The Credo self regulating humidifier, is a precise instrument and it needs to be used following strictly the instructions.