No10 : GRAN PANATELLA: 177 x 15,08 (6”1/4 x 38) - Weight: 13,5 g

The Gran Panatella is, by excellence, the cigar of the dandy. From its shape and specific diameter, it is considered as the most elegant cigar.

Versus large ring gauges, the dense smoke of No10 settles in the mouth immediately. The combustion is regular and the draft perfect. this cigar is realy the height of refinement

One is surprised by the balance of the first puffs. There are none of those irritants so often found on Panatellas. At the start of a smoke.The odour of the liquorice fades as leather and toasted bread predominate.

When half-smoked, it rounds out even more. It keeps a steady course right to the end. The very pleasant full-bodiedness remains.It evolves still gradually towards a rich and satisfying final.

A cigar you'll smoke to the point of burning your fingers.



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