No 2: ROBUSTO : 27 x 19,9 (5" x 50) - Weight: 13,2 g.  

The unlit Robusto smells predominantly of pepper and the stable.

On lighting up, this full-bodied tobacco gives off dense smoke with aromas of black pepper and roasted coffee.

The No 2 Jamastran (pronounced "ramastran") settles down after a few puffs and smoothens into a voluminous smoke with an aromatic blend suggestive of leather, black pepper, roasted bark and peat. After a few centimetres, its unaggressive power gradually reveals fragrances of bitter almond and green walnut.

When half-smoked, it rounds out even more as the green walnut, leather and roasted bark dominate. It keeps a steady course right to the end, where there is also a slightly acrid hint of liquorice.

A fine rich robusto with real personality.



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