NO 3: CORONA : 146 x 17 (5" 3/4 x 43) - Weight: 12,5 g.  

Before lighting up, the odour of the stable and a slight bitterness herald a full-bodied cigar.
One is surprised by the balance of the first puffs. There are none of those irritants so often found at the start of a smoke.

The odour of the stable fades as pepper and liquorice predominate.
The first third has flavours of leather and toasted bread.

The cigar lover will be surprised to find such a Cuban aroma of leather in this Honduras vintage.
Half-way through, the cigar takes on its full flavour: pepper, damp peat, liquorice, walnut and leather are all present in a festival of sensations. The last part brings back the odour of the stable.

" I smoked it almost to the point of burning my fingers, with the feeling of savouring a cigar less full-bodied than it seems, but a thoroughbred nonetheless".


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