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The Humidity Regulators :

Get : "Le Tube" --> Up to 10 cigares
Get : Rondo / Rondo-voyage --> 10 to 40 cigars
Get : Epsilon --> 40 to 80 cigars
Get : Onyx --> 50 to 100 cigars
Get : Titan --> 100 to 300 cigars

The Special Care Solution

Get : Special Care Solution

The Hygromèters:

Get : Analog (clock)
Get : Digital (thermo-hygrometer)

The Other Accessories:

Get : Serrico, lasioderme Trap
Get : El Ligador: Vegetal glue to repair cigar wrapper
Get : The CREDO Travel Humidor
Get :
The Synchro Cutter and its Wallet
Get :
CREDO Humidified 3 Cigar case


The Special Care Solution

to ensure the periodic maintenance of the CREDO regulators. It aims at regenerating the tensio-active substances, we advise the use of the Special Care Solution to refill your humidity regulator approximately every six months.
The Credo Special Care Solution is the only product to be used for regenerating the Credo humidifiers.

We advise against the use of any other special fluid for humidifiers.The Credo humidity regulation system is not using ineffective propylene glycol. In the Credo instructions, we warn against the use of this PG. incompatible with our patented formula.

IMPORTANT: Do not leave your CREDO regulator dry out (see the chapter: “How to use the ONYX humidity regulator”). If you don’t use your cigar humidor for a period of time, wrap properly your CREDO regulator in a plastic bag.
We advise use of the Special Care Solution to refill your humidity regulator approximately every six months.

SERRICO Lasioderm Trap

Originaly developed in Japan, the Serrico trap is the definitive monitoring trap for tobacco beetles with a powerful sex pheromone and a food attractant.
This combination produces a synergic effect to both male and female lasioderm.
Serrico can help you reduce time and money by pinpointing the presence of tobacco beetles in advance and suggesting the fastest care.
Environmentally safe: harmless insecticide-free used for early warning of occurrences of the cigarette beetles.
Furthermore, the number of adults captured by the traps reveals their distribution and seasonal prevalences in a humidor.The lure contains no harmful materials and insecticides and is thus safe for both humans and animals.

How to make the trap:

  • - Fold the trap sheet neatly along the doted line
  • - Peel off white sticker
  • - take out one device each from the golden and silvery cellonium foil container by cutting and place them on near the center of the adhesive base about 5 cm (2 " ) apart. Be carefull not to tear the transparent permeable membrane covering the disk.
  • - insert slap C into slit C'.

Keep out of reach of children. (Top)


CREDO Analog Hygrometer

Our precise and adjustable analog hygrometer exists in. 2 colors : Gold or Chrom
Dimensions: ø: 55 x 14 mm ( ø: 2"1/8 x "9/16)
We recommend to adjust the instrument once a year. Simply wrap it up in a wet cloth for half an hour. Then readjust the pointer between 94-96%, on the back with a screwdriver. You can start this procedure twice to perfect the adjustment precisely.

- if you wish to carry out a more precise calibration, it is necessary for you to make a second calibration: let the hygrometer return in the environmental conditions and to restart the operation. Wrap the instrument in the same wet cloth during the same time. Check that the needle shows 94 - 96 %. In case readjust
This double procedure aims at rectifying the variations due to the resistance of the mechanism. (Top)



CREDO digital Thermo-hygrometer

the Credo digital thermo/hygrometer is a precision instrument. Big size LCD digits give an excellent reading of moisture and temperature.

The calibration of the Credo digital thermo-hygrometer is a procedure to reset the apparatus.As opposed to the analog hygrometer, which  synthetic membrane  becomes deformed with time and thus needs to be recalibrated, the electronic humidity sensor has very light deviation and thus needs only to be reseted.  It consists in removing the battery and replace it to reset the calculation.
This operation takes allmost 20 minutes to stabilize the calculation. This should be done once a year.



El Ligador: Vegetal glue to repair cigar wrappers

We all have damaged cigars aging in our humidor! Since, 80 % of our damaged cigars are repairable, CREDO gives the response: El Ligador
This is the traditional recipe of the cuban torcedores. A small bottles of pure vegetal glue with its applicator.
Instructions: softly spread out the glue under the damaged wrapper with the
applicator. Then roll again the wrapper and let dry for a few minutes.



The Synchro Cutter and its Wallet

To cut well a hand rolled cigar, a special instrument is required. To
benefit fully from qualities and  pleasure of a cigar, the cut must be firm
and decisive and the wrapper should only come into contact with the sharp
edge of the blades.
Manufactured by CREDO with the utmost care, this instrument incorporates
innovative syncronized blades,  and high-tech engeneering for the best cigar
cutting ever seen.
Among its major technical advances
- Innovation
- Synchronized blades
- Exclusive automatic closure
- Gear translation
- Ring gauge 54
- Modern design
- Hign tech engineering
- Japanese tempered steel 53-55 HRC

The Wallet
It is designed to carry the Synchro Cutter in the safest place and total
discretion. The CREDO wallet is handcrafted with luxurious genuine buff calf leather, vegetable tanned. Like any wallet, it also carries your money, identity documents and credit cards.

CREDO Humidified 3 Cigar case

The CREDO cigar case is handcrafted with the utmost care.  It is made of massive cedar structure which separates the cigars and guarantee their protection by avoiding the contact.Outside is dressed by luxurious Genuine Buff Calf Leather, vegetable tanned. 
Crush-proof case, it is the ideal place to carry three cigars in your pocket. It combines elegance, performance and exclusive design, with perfect functionality. It is humidified with a "Piccolo", the last born of the CREDO humidity regulators.

Directions for use.
- Remove the Piccolo, by slipping it on its base and refill once a week with
distilled water from the bottom side.
- For maintenance, refill your Piccolo regulator once every 6 months with
the  CREDO Special Care Solution.



The CREDO Travel Humidor

The care and storage of cigars on a journey are a paramount necessity. The CREDO travel humidor is handcrafted with the utmost care. It is made of massive cedar structure and dressed by luxurious Genuine Buff Calf Leather, vegetable tanned. 
Developed by CREDO and manufactured by skillfull craftsmen , this humidor offers perfect sealing and is humidified by a § humidity regulator, for the best preservation of the cigars at 70%-75% relative humidity.

Directions for using "the Tube" regulator.
- Open "the Tube" and refill each week with distilled water exclusively.
- Allow the liquid to penetrate slowly into the foam from its neck.
- Repeat the operation until it becomes saturated and the liquid spills over.
- Dry carefully the appliance after the refilling.Replace it in your humidor.
- Twice a year, refill your "Tube" with the Special Care Solution , to regenerate the tensio-active substances. No other fluid should be used but the regular CREDO Special Care Solution. (Top)