With its original shape enhanced by deep blue transparent wood stain and its elegant lettering in silver and gold leaf, the CREDO cigar box has a certain charisma.

It indicates the quality of the product as well as protecting it. CREDO cigars are rolled entirely by hand. They are made with a selection of Volado and Ligero tobaccos in the Piloto Cubano and Olor Dominicano varieties.

The choice of tobacco composing the CREDO cigars has thus been aimed toward a stronger, slightly more full-bodied flavour, while conserving the aromas that give dominican cigars their distinctive nobility.

JUBILATE : 34 x 5" mm: 127 x 13,5
ARCANE : 50 x 5" mm : 127 x 19,9
ATHANOR : 42 x 5" 3/4 mm : 146 x 16,7
MAGNIFICAT : 46 x 6" 7/8 mm : 174 x 18,3
PYTHAGORAS : 50 x 7.5" mm : 191 x 19,9

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Credo Ligas
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